Monday, August 4, 2008

Connecticon Day 2

Saturday was a lot of fun! My daughter, Ava and I went around to see all the great costumes. After a couple hours of that, I had to go back to work at the Free Lunch Table. I was exhausted by the time the dealer room closed. BUT we hosted a Free Lunch Dinner (giggle) afterwards.

Here's the who's who:
Ev and Sue Soares from Sky Pirates
Shawnti from Am I Immortal
Keith Murphy from Killer Cortez/Sky Pirates
Steven Kuster, FLC creative director
Liz Ortiz from Rebel's Underground
David Kaminski from The Black Roses
Chris Buchner from Atomic Comics
Mark Tarrant from The Blood Rider
Stephanie O'Donnell from Nutty Funsters
Tom Van Zandt from Unhappy Granma
Mike Finger from upcoming Stupor Powers
Sarah Parsons from Happy Dance
Steve Kanaras (not pictured) FLC publisher and creator of Only in Whispers took the pic!