Monday, November 3, 2008

Next BIGGER cover peek!

Well we just got back from the Boston was awesome. The Free Lunch crew was reunited for another good time. The Soares, Mr Murphy, Mr Hayden, Mr Kuster and myself had a good ol' time at our booth. That show was packed! We made a lot of new friends and also got to hang out with our fellow CAG members. Good times.

Now on to new things. Unhappy Granma 2 will be coming soon and so will BIGGER #10. That next BIGGER might be the most important issue I have done to date. I promise...this will be BIG. Here's where I'm at with the cover...

If you're wondering what that logo is on the bottom right...I was toying with the idea of "stamping" the book cover with the honor I received at the CAG awards for production excellence.