Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ow! Welcome to the (almost) end of one of my busiest weeks in a while.

Friday morning through Monday night: Worked Arisia up in Boston. Very fun show, very long hours, suffered a case of the giggles...
Tuesday: Started off with studio hours, worked at the Y, went to the Granby Artists meeting (just barely) and finished that day late with some grocery shopping.
Wednesday: Went in EARLY to the Y, left around 5ish to play some Bball where...THE OUTLAWS BROKE THEIR LOSING STREAK! Home around 8.
Thursday: Did some studio hours, went to the Y and finished off the day with a meeting (a little after 8)
Friday: Went out to a neighboring town to work on a special NYCC project, worked the Y, and finished off the day at the FVAC.

Today! I'm going to do some serious studio catch up hours. I'm supposed to have a meeting today too and I'll finish off the day at a CAG mixer. Tomorrow is the show in Plainville and after that things return to normal. (I hope)

The OUTLAWS SPECIAL will be in effect today (Sat) until the end of the day tomorrow (Sun).