Friday, February 27, 2009

Stupor Powers Friday!

Check out on Fridays for the newest pages of Dr Finger's and Tom Van Zandt's new web comic featuring art by yours truly.

I was pretty sick yesterday into today so nothin' else really to update. :^(

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gettin' good feedback lately!

Today was a GREAT work day! Worked at the Studio office for half the day. Did a little brain storming with Mr Kanaras, worked on the Sky Pirates project and more. Great thing about working at the office is I don't have an overwhelming desire to do laundry or the dishes...bad things are I end up lugging a ton of stuff there PLUS I MISS AVA'S LITTLE VISITS. My SKYPE customers/buds can understand that. (She loves sayin' hello)

Taught at Tootin' Hills School in Simsbury CT this afternoon too.

Got some more positive feedback from John Norris, the art teacher from that workshop at Granby High a little while ago..."We all enjoyed your energy, enthusiasm and weaponry."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Character Design class!

Well, we just opened Free Lunch Studios in Granby Ct Saturday. You can see some pics over at the Free Lunch Photo Blog site here. We had some friends over and celebrated with pizza and more.

This weekend we'll be hosting our first series of classes on character's gonna be fun! If you want to ever sign up for a lesson, shoot me an email at

BIGGER a reader's review of WORKING STIFF

Here's some feedback from a guy who bought some BIGGER books at the East Windsor show...

Hey man just finished reading (the) Bigger comics. Really great. I found that the story was interesting and engaging. I need to pick up the rest soon. Really addicting book, man. Good job. Just wondering how many there are and where I can pick up the rest. I have the graphic novel and the origins comic. Really liked it and the development of the character is really well. It reminds me of Love Hina by Ken Akamatsu. You should look to that for inspiration whenever you need it. Thanks, man and hope everything is going well.

Hey, Greg! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you liked it. If you got the original print comic (or the trade, BIGGER: BIG BLOW UP) then the next step would be the "Tempting Ms Teri" tradepaperback. "Working Stiff" comes next and then the newest series I started was "The Start Of Something Big" (BIGGER # 9). I've heard the comparison to Love Hina before, still didn't see it yet though. All of these are available at with the exception of BIG BLOW UP which has sold out. I'm in the process of getting more.


Monday, February 23, 2009

We were captured at the newest comic con in East Windsor CT yesterday. The Journal Inquirer's Leslloyd Alleyne (an old friend of mine who I was shocked to see) came by to snap some pics of the event. It was good to be able to catch up with him. Check under the photos tab at their site.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ohh! Look what I found this morning...

I did this in class at the FVAC a term ago. Fun! Check out the FVAC website for classes!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ewww Yikes! Was checkin' my email and I saw this on AOL. Photos allegedly show a 100 foot-long snake winding down a river in the remote Asian nation of Borneo. Local villagers vouch for the creature's existence, saying it could be the shape-shifting serpent
Nabau of folklore, but others aren't so sure. The bird's eye picture was reportedly snapped from a helicopter by a member of a flood monitoring team. after

Just kidding. We actually did better than last time. We still lost, but we did better. Last time we lost by like 40 points, this time appx 15. I even feel like I played better. It was late though. The game did not start until 9pm, didn't get home 10:30, went to bed at 1 am (on a work night!).

Worked on Stupor Powers today, I have a conf. call with them tonight too. Will work more on the Sky Pirates gig.

This Sunday I'll be at the 1st, East of the River Con. It's in East Windsor Ct. Here's their blog site address: Maybe I'll see you there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alright, In regard to The Outlaws...

Truth is, we're back to our old losing ways. We've lost 2 since my last update. One was while we were in NY, the other was last Wed. The good news is they've been close games. Tonight...we have a rematch against

See Dec 19 entry for details.

As far as work goes...Today I'm going to ink some Stupor Powers and layout and pencil a special Sky Pirates project! Waaa Hooo! Get some work in before I get stomped on in Bball.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stupor Fun!

Have you been to yet?

Willie in our world!

My Willie costume got some good press! Check the Septagon Studios site.

I have to be honest, I have never cosplayed before. I've teased at it, but never like this. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous Friday before putting it on. After receiving such a positive reaction to it, all that fear disappeared!
I want to thank my partner on this, my mom. This was an awesome and secret collaboration. I get to work with a lot of creative people on a regular basis but never at this level. It went from my asking her if it could be done in the beginning of January to me wearing the parts that 1st week in February. My mom usually comes by every Tuesday to help out with Ava, but in January, when it was nap time, the sketching and pattern making would start.
If you see other photos or articles regarding Willie, let me know and I'll post them here.

He will be back.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big News Updates!

First off: A first look at the cover for Unhappy Granma #2! This cover, like the previous Granma cover, was penciled and inked by yours truly and colored by the super talented, Jon Allegrezza. Love it!

Next item: Just released from the Fre
e Lunch Peeps:
Free Lunch is going to SPACE!! Free Lunch Founder
Matt Ryan, and Publisher Steve Kanaras will be in attendance at the
SPACE comic book convention in Columbus, OH on April 18 & 19. If you
will be at the small press show, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself.
We will have our entire line of comics for sale including the new Science
Fiction Anthology, Beyond the Kuiper Belt!

We are very excited to bring our comics to the mid-west and look forward to
meeting new friends and old fans. See you in SPACE!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Mr Happy shirt...Mr Mean sketch. Done in charcoal during class.

Feedback from Thursdays school visit...

Got an email from one of the students yesterday...pretty awesome. Here's part of it:

"Hey Mr. Ryan,
I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your presentation today. I think it's safe to say that everyone had a really good time with it and walked away from the experience knowing a thing or two more about gesture drawing.
Thanks again,
~ Johnny

P.S. Thanks for bringing in the awesome props too, that made everything at least twice as good."

Johnny, it was my pleasure. You and your classmates were great participants and made it a lot of fun.

Drew this today

among other things...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to the grind...

Well...back to work! Tryin' to put some decent hours into Stupor Powers and The Black Roses. Today I did a workshop for a good bunch of kids at Granby High School. We had a good time! We did gesture drawings using my big, honkin' plastic broadsword, lightsaber and gun.

BTW: I gotta clean this room!

Monday, February 9, 2009



The trek to our show started early. Everyone met at my place and we packed the truck to go. We were a little concerned that we might not fit everything but it did. We arrived to a pretty quick check in at the con, well done NYCC. Met a lot of our old friend and started making new ones, it was great. Willie showed up and was kind enough to stick around the booth for a few hours (each day! Thanks, Will!!) and handed out promo cards, posed for tons of pics and was interviewed! I'll post links when I find out about them. The show room closed at 7 and Steve and I went downstairs to one of the panel rooms for the CAG awards (Click link for full details). Turns out I was nominated for more than I was aware of and I ended up bringing two awards home, one for Best Cartoonist and one for Best Workshops (I facilitated)! Pretty cool to be nominated, pretty cool to be among the others that were nominated, pretty cool to win. After that, we took the awards out for a night on the town with Tom Van Zandt: creator of Unhappy Granma, Mike Finger: creator of Stupor Powers, Matt Herring: one half of the Secret Identity Podcast and more 'til about midnight. Crashed pretty hard at the hotel.

Started with a great big breakfast at the Sky Light with Mr Kanaras and talked biz for a little while. Worked the booth with Steve, Willie, Norm and the Tarrants. At 1pm, Mark and I went to our Autograph session and saw some loyal friends, collaborators and made some new friends. I met the shapeshifting bounty hunter from the X-Files, he was pretty cool! Dawn Marie, my friend from wrestlers rescue introduced me to some new friends: Roxxi and Taylor Wilde from TNA wrestling, Midajah from WCW (and a whole lot more I found), and Jamie Reed: from American Gladiators. That was pretty cool, so I in turn introduced them to Norman and I think he's made some cool contacts there. Back at the booth we moved a decent amount of product and closed out the show. After that, we went (accidentally) to an empty chinese restaurant, and I mean empty. After a day at the NYCC that is sold out, this was PERFECT. Food was great and we had the place to ourselves plus 2 young ladies that came in later on. After that we went to the Indy After Party at Blaggards pub. That was a good time and got to hang out with my friends. I shared a couple of yummy chocolate brownies that I brought with illustrators, Venn Yann, Z - Man, Shawnti Therrien, and Hector Rodriguez. I stayed til about midnight and returned to the hotel to read and crash.
PS-Kanaras returned to the room around 2:30 with great stories to tell...(Yeah, he did it again)

Slept in a little, had some McBreakfast and went to the show. This was finish it up day, Kanaras and I thought this show was a huge success for us. We have to thank Mark Tarrant and his dad for sharing the show with us. I found a awesome deal on a Will Eisner sketchbook, bought my daughter her traditional con Uglydoll, and picked up as much free stuff that was worth bringing home for my students and interns (they'll be happy). We made some decent contacts and Norm did some commissions Sunday too! He actually had Midajah at our booth behind the table for almost an hour. He drew her, they chatted, she posed for pics and she even brought Scott Steiner over later on to say hi too. That was pretty cool. Breaking down the booth and saying our goodbyes went pretty quick but the ride, although entertaining, took forever (as usual).

It's always tough the day after a big con like that. You are so motivated but so exhausted at the same time. Your happy you had a great experience, but sad that you didn't get to hang with your friends as much as you would've liked. How long will it be until you can have that opportunity again. By the way...Ava loves her Uglydoll. (:^)

I gotta eat, clean, unpack, rest and on top of that...go back to work.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is it!

OK, it's a little after 5 am...the stuff's packed, I'm pretty much ready to go...I'll fill you in when I get back. Wish me luck. Maybe I'll see ya there...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Norman Prints will be-aw c'mon!

Now I can't get rid of him.

Ok, couple more days to go...the Norman Katz prints showed up today. I colored this one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alright can go with us!

Sheesh. He was lookin' at some sketches Norm did and alla sudden he's beggin' me to go to the con!

Tick, tock, tick...NYCC approaches...

Alright, per Joe's request, here are the other two cards featuring two of the many women in Conan's life. (Plus two of his kids)

So what's new? Well, I have to go in early today...nothing personal, but I don't wanna go. Too much to do. Yesterday I was able to complete and scan the cover and page 1 for Stupor Powers. Yay!

Alright, so I've been a member of the Comic Book Artists Guild for a bunch of years now. Last year at the Indy after party (a CAG event) I was honored by receiving the award for Production Excellence. It was pretty cool. THIS YEAR, I've been lucky enough to nominated for two awards! One for penciling and the other for cartooning. This is a great honor just to be nominated by my peers. If you want to go to the awards this year, it'll be at the NYCC! I don't know where in the Javits it will be, but it will be at 7 pm on Friday.

Some of my CAG buddies.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coundown continues...

Meetings....ugh. Saturday was dedicated to meetings. I was pretty cranked up and tired by the end of the day...
The first meet was for the FVAC Strategic Planning Committee (yeah I'm on it) and I was lucky enough to sit with Marty, the head of the FVAC, and Jeff, the head of XL Color and Dornenburg Design. The meeting was from 10 am to 4:30 pm...yikes that's the longest I've ever had to pay attention in like, my whole life! Just kiddin'. I LEARNED A TON! Plus had a blast with Marty and Jeff. I was actually drawing during the meeting!!! I drew this little art card. It's a Conan the King tribute pic...I drew 2 other cards to go with it. One with a jealous Queen Zenobia glaring at Sonja and the other with princes, Conn and Taurus. Nobody cared cuz when you got more than 2 people couldn't tell what I was workin' on anyway! These cards are awesome!

BTW....I saw the Black Roses stuff yesterday that Steven Kuster is putting his professional touch on....Holee Cow is it gonna be awesome!