Monday, February 9, 2009



The trek to our show started early. Everyone met at my place and we packed the truck to go. We were a little concerned that we might not fit everything but it did. We arrived to a pretty quick check in at the con, well done NYCC. Met a lot of our old friend and started making new ones, it was great. Willie showed up and was kind enough to stick around the booth for a few hours (each day! Thanks, Will!!) and handed out promo cards, posed for tons of pics and was interviewed! I'll post links when I find out about them. The show room closed at 7 and Steve and I went downstairs to one of the panel rooms for the CAG awards (Click link for full details). Turns out I was nominated for more than I was aware of and I ended up bringing two awards home, one for Best Cartoonist and one for Best Workshops (I facilitated)! Pretty cool to be nominated, pretty cool to be among the others that were nominated, pretty cool to win. After that, we took the awards out for a night on the town with Tom Van Zandt: creator of Unhappy Granma, Mike Finger: creator of Stupor Powers, Matt Herring: one half of the Secret Identity Podcast and more 'til about midnight. Crashed pretty hard at the hotel.

Started with a great big breakfast at the Sky Light with Mr Kanaras and talked biz for a little while. Worked the booth with Steve, Willie, Norm and the Tarrants. At 1pm, Mark and I went to our Autograph session and saw some loyal friends, collaborators and made some new friends. I met the shapeshifting bounty hunter from the X-Files, he was pretty cool! Dawn Marie, my friend from wrestlers rescue introduced me to some new friends: Roxxi and Taylor Wilde from TNA wrestling, Midajah from WCW (and a whole lot more I found), and Jamie Reed: from American Gladiators. That was pretty cool, so I in turn introduced them to Norman and I think he's made some cool contacts there. Back at the booth we moved a decent amount of product and closed out the show. After that, we went (accidentally) to an empty chinese restaurant, and I mean empty. After a day at the NYCC that is sold out, this was PERFECT. Food was great and we had the place to ourselves plus 2 young ladies that came in later on. After that we went to the Indy After Party at Blaggards pub. That was a good time and got to hang out with my friends. I shared a couple of yummy chocolate brownies that I brought with illustrators, Venn Yann, Z - Man, Shawnti Therrien, and Hector Rodriguez. I stayed til about midnight and returned to the hotel to read and crash.
PS-Kanaras returned to the room around 2:30 with great stories to tell...(Yeah, he did it again)

Slept in a little, had some McBreakfast and went to the show. This was finish it up day, Kanaras and I thought this show was a huge success for us. We have to thank Mark Tarrant and his dad for sharing the show with us. I found a awesome deal on a Will Eisner sketchbook, bought my daughter her traditional con Uglydoll, and picked up as much free stuff that was worth bringing home for my students and interns (they'll be happy). We made some decent contacts and Norm did some commissions Sunday too! He actually had Midajah at our booth behind the table for almost an hour. He drew her, they chatted, she posed for pics and she even brought Scott Steiner over later on to say hi too. That was pretty cool. Breaking down the booth and saying our goodbyes went pretty quick but the ride, although entertaining, took forever (as usual).

It's always tough the day after a big con like that. You are so motivated but so exhausted at the same time. Your happy you had a great experience, but sad that you didn't get to hang with your friends as much as you would've liked. How long will it be until you can have that opportunity again. By the way...Ava loves her Uglydoll. (:^)

I gotta eat, clean, unpack, rest and on top of that...go back to work.