Monday, March 30, 2009

Boston Comic Con comin' up!

This coming weekend I've got the Boston Comic Con. This is a great show and this year they've expanded it to two days! Here's the link!
Plainville had a great turnout and we sold a lot of different books and handed out a lot of flyers. A really good day. (Considering all the rain)
Today I'm gonna work on the Grant Bee BIGGER 10, and Beyond the Kuiper Belt's Black Roses (which is looking pretty damn good I must say!) We are going to launch Kuiper Belt at Space. It's a convention in Ohio. Kinda funny.

By the way, here's some AWESOME feedback from Hands On Art Day:
-The comic teacher (Matt) was the best thing here!
-I liked to draw cartoons. (Bridget)
-Matt – totally mesmerized his students while characters came to life on his whiteboard