Saturday, May 2, 2009

WOOO! Free Comics!

Mason's store, Most Excellent Cards & Comics in Enfield CT was great! Mason was kind enough to give me a couple freebies and we were able to sell a decent amount of books. Met a bunch of new people and some old friends too..was also able to promote the classes at the Free Lunch Studios office as well. Since I mentioned the office...

We had the second session of Cartoon Anatomy today and I gotta say, what a good bunch of guys in there...we were crackin' each other up! It was great hear that they all practiced over the last week and it showed by all improving their drawing ability already.

By the way, my Drawing and Painting class at the Farmington Valley Arts Center is starting up this coming Friday (the 8th) so if your interested, give them a call, 860.678.1867 or visit their website at: