Friday, June 12, 2009

Yeouch! So I've been MIA for a week...

Alright, sorry 'bout all that. I've been pretty busy. Let's catch up. Last Saturday I taught the new sets of sessions at the office, we restarted Cartoon Anatomy and began a new class, Cartoon Environments. That following Sunday, Mr Kanaras and I went to Mocca Fest, what a good show. Saw some good friends there and purchased some really nice mini comics. Now that I think about it, I forgot to pick up one particular...ah I'll Google it. Monday I worked at the home office, then the Y, then finished up the day at the FLS office at the Monday night Jam session. Tuesday I got my hair cut, worked on a couple commissions and finished the day at the Y. Wednesday I worked on a couple contracts for some school lectures (some this year, some next), a live demo as well as a summer appearance. Yesterday was for me and the Bean so no work done there, just fun.

Today I gotta deliver some comics that were shipped to me yesterday to the FLS studio for Mr Kanaras to sell at The Monster Con that he's working this weekend. After that I'm gonna to some computer coloring and teach at the FVAC. Tomorrow will be business as usual at the FLS office teaching and I might walk around Granby day. We'll see. Sunday I'll be off to Larry's comic show...maybe I'll see you there!