Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love the Connecticon...

This is one of my favorite shows to do. Is it because it's close to home? Maybe. Is it because the attendees are so friendly? Maybe. Is it because we've participated in the show since it's beginnings? Maybe. Is it because there's sooo much to do? Maybe. Is it because of the cosplayers? Maybe.

It's my favorite because it seems like this show is more like a reunion. Old friends reuniting, new friends being made. People bond at this show. This is the only show that feel sad when it ends. So here comes the Connecticon! I love it because of everything!

See you in the dealer room next to Sarge's! Ava will be with me Saturday morning!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ooooh Boy, what a crazy couple o' days!

Here we go! Taught class at the FVAC on Friday and hustled over to the office to clean up for Mini Comic Madness and the Rusty Haller Benefit. This weekend was a huge success! We crowned our first Mini Comic Madness Champ, Maddie "the Mad Dog". She was so driven she drew two minis! I didn't even finish one!! Rusty's event was great! We had a turnout of over 50 people and we raised over $1,300! We had the Monday Night drop in Monday and yesterday I made a studio marathon day to try to finish BIGGER 11a. I did not finish BUT I just got some great motivation in the mail today...BIGGER 10 and ONLY IN WHISPERS 2! Both of these books will be available for the first time at the Connecticon next weekend!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Starting at 11 am and running until 4 pm this afternoon, we will hosting our first ever mini comic workshop event! Come to the Free Lunch Studios office at 518 Salmon Brook St, Granby CT. Plot, write and create your own mini comic in this fun, five hour marathon event! Can you do it? Be pitted against your friends and make new ones in this Mixed Creative Arts event! Don't tap out! BE the FLC Mini Comics Champ! More questions? Check out:

$5 entry fee

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Free Lunch Studios Weekend!

Big weekend for Free Lunch Studios comin'. On Saturday, for $5 you can compete in Mini Comic Madness from 11am - 4pm. Sunday we'll be running The Rusty Haller Benefit from 2pm to 6pm with auctions, food and more to help a friend. Finally, on Monday we host Free Lunch Comics Weekly Jam Session from 6pm to 8:30pm which is also a measley $5. The best part about all of these events is that you're all invited! Go to for more details.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remember that Bigger thing...?

Bigger #11 will be a flip book! 11A, which needs to be read first, is written by my friend Carlos Del Rio and drawn by me. 11B will be written and drawn by me. If you think #10 is gonna be a big deal...#11 will knock your socks off! These are stories that I've been dyin' to get out there and now's the time! Here's the cover so far for 11A.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Last one for today!

Rusty Haller Benefit Auction and Gallery

It has come to our attention here at Free Lunch Comics, that our friend, Rusty Haller has fallen into some hard times. Rusty's been entertaining us for years through his comic work that has graced the pages of companies like Marvel's Star Comics, Radio Comics and more. He has lost his health, his mother and his home....Rusty needs our help, and we're going to help him. You can too. On July 19th, from 2 pm to 6 pm, at Free Lunch Studios, we are going to host the Rusty Haller Benefit Auction and Gallery where you will be able to contribute and be involved in a great cause. We will be having an art gallery, auctions, a 50/50 raffle, comics to sell, pizza by the slice and more, all to benefit our friend Rusty Haller.

Mini Comic Madness! This Saturday!

Saturday, July 18th starting at 11 am and running until 4 pm that afternoon, we will hosting our first ever mini comic workshop event! Come by and plot, write and create your own mini comic in this fun, five hour marathon event!

$5 entry fee

FLS Weekly Drop in TONIGHT!

Every Monday 6pm – 8:30pm at Free Lunch Studios Drop in and work with comics creators from throughout CT and MA! Work on your projects! Get feedback from like-minded creators! Portfolio reviews from professionals! Movie and Popcorn! Find new collaborators for your projects! Artistic exercises! Pencilling! Scripting! Inking! Coloring! Painting! Sketching! Lettering! A place to work. A place to play. See old friends, make new ones.

Here's the view of the Bay in Wellfleet in Cape Cod. It was great to just stand there and paint for hours and feel the sun. Ava was right next to me working on her own too...pretty awesome.

Make up time!

Sorry posts for almost a week! You know I'm good for it so here we go...

Last Friday I worked 3 classes. The first two were for the Farmington Valley YMCA. The first was a lesson on drawing heads and hands! The kids were great! The second session was for "capturing action" and my friend Nick was there to help out. I picked on him a little bit and he handled it well. It was good to see him. The third class was for the Farmington Valley Arts Center. There we did a post it note cartooning workshop based on one I found at the Cartoonist Conspiracy site. Good times.

Here's an old piece for an upcoming project.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm back!

My family just got back from a week at Cape Cod! Man, it was nice! It was just what I needed. I know, I know...I left without warning. Well, it was pretty last minute. The weather was great and believe it or not, I got a lot of nothing done during the day and a lot of stuff done at night! I did a landscape painting (YES A LANDSCAPE PAINTING!) one of the days in watercolor (I'll scan it in later) and I scripted the entire BIGGER 11B issue and penciled the entire BIGGER 11A issue! I'll explain the 11A/11B thing later. Couple exciting things developed in my absence that I'll share with you as they firm up. So everything will be back to normal tomorrow/Thursday so I'll see you then!