Friday, January 8, 2010

New Classes at Free Lunch Studios!

Hello people! I've got two new classes starting up Saturday January 23rd!

Cartoon Anatomy is the basic 4 week course that will teach working lines and simple shapes, creating the foundation of character design, form, gesture, expression and a couple sneaky "tricks" we've learned along the way. Courses include our "Free Lunch" named after our comic company and newly opened studio. That will be pizza (purchased from our neighbors at New England Pizza (which is awesome)) and soft drinks, served before this class. Class starts at 10 am

The perfect follow up to Cartoon Anatomy, Creating A Cartoon World focuses on creating mood, environment, and detail to the storytelling process. The goal of this 4 week series is to take the ability of making characters, and place them into dramatic settings, convincing surroundings and exciting stories. Course will include the ever popular, "Free Lunch" from our neighbors over at New England Pizza.
Class starts at 12:30

Both of these are 4 week classes held on Saturdays - 2 hour sessions
Limited to 8 students per class, classes are $120, so call or email today!
860.265.1060 or check

Just a side note, Friday Drawing and Painting for Teens is still going strong every Friday at 4:00. This is a rolling enrollment class that is purchased in 10 class bundles. Only $200 !