Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jeff Invades Free Lunch

Reporting to you from Free Lunch Studios, this is Jeff Bushey. I’m 18 years old, and I am finishing up my senior year at Granby Memorial High School. Today my school had Job Shadow Day, and I figured what would be any better than getting out of the normal average learning environment than spending the day following the works of a goofy, determined, self-producing underground comic book artist. Matt has shown me what it takes to negotiate a contract deal with his new client on his commission for “My First Sing Along Coloring Book”. Matt is having me add to his blog as to give insight on what it’s like to be apart of the Free Lunch family. I’ve been networking with Matt Ryan a good friend of mine for about 2 years now from a recommendation of an art teacher I had. During the time we’ve spent I’ve learned a lot about the comic book industry and how Matt goes about his clients and creating his comic book empire. I enjoy the countless times laughing, and enjoying the company of both Steve Kuster, and Steve Kanaras. I believe they definitely have the potential and talent to be a successful business venture. We are also in the process of getting cubicles in the office for a more productive environment. I was able to see the products his client had made featuring the works of Matt Ryan, and was able to show Matt a tattoo I recently got featuring artwork that I designed myself. Matt Ryan, and the Free Lunch crew have shown me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. We’ve also enjoyed watching a funny DVD during lunch, and had a great time. This has taught me that you can have fun while you work, and you should have fun with the career path you choose. The knowledge I have gotten from this experience is going to follow me for years to come, and I know that Matt is going to be there for me every step of the way. I appreciate this adventure, and I hope that it never ends.

Wow. Pretty cool having Jeff here all day. We had a busy day in here too. Jeff saw a lot and he was able to take part in a lot. We analyzed a contract, went over some course descriptions, met with a client, drew up a business letter, helped our contractor and even drew a little. In a way, I kind of see today as the end of or graduation from the mentor/mentee relationship we had. He started working with me back when he was a sophomore and I was still working out of my house. The school bus would drop him off during the school day for about an hour every week. I would wait to do any drawing until he got there on those days (I did not want to bore him with the business stuff). It's been a real honor to see how much he's grown over the years. No matter which career he chooses, he's going to be great. Best of luck to you Jeff and we'll see you soon!