Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Elyse Took Over

Hullo. I'm Elyse, the summer is coming to a close and that means I have to go to school. Which also equals no more internship with Matt at Free Lunch Studios. Until NEXT SUMMER! So, I'm going to inform you what I've been doing for the past couple months. I worked at the YMCA twice (including today), we did two different things. We did "Mad Science Cartooning" and "King of the Monster Mountain". The kids LOVED it. Also, for the past three weeks we have been traveling to The New Britain Museum of Modern American art to work with more children on impossible architecture themed pieces during the M.C. Escher exhibit. Along with traveling to all of these places I had the "pleasure" of scanning a lot of Matt's original artwork. I was put in charge of organizing a gallery event to be held at the studio, this fall. And another event is a Harry Potter themed workshop.
I learned a lot this summer, I learned a lot from Matt's lectures about why you shouldn't smoke and why the most important thing to do is be yourself. He also taught me how to digitally paint pictures in photo shop. But the greatest thing is how much fun I had. It's hard to describe it. My summer was saved by enjoying two out of the seven days at the studio.
See ya next summer,