Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The end of summer

Well, if you saw the last post, you saw that today was the last day of Elyse's internship. Even though it's at it's end, we'll still have a place for her at Free Lunch. While she was here, she not only completed some really nice artwork, she helped with meetings, scanning, road jobs and more. It wasn't all hard work though...we must not forget the Twin Peaks lunch breaks, nerf football golf, punchdubs, streaming soundtrack radio, Russian see saws, grape lady, foreign dignitaries, world cup football, riding bikes to work and "ghosting" (look it up). It was an honor and a pleasure to have Elyse at the office and I'm really glad that she'll be with us for the gallery, The Shuffle, workshops and more. Have a great school year and I'll miss having you around all the time.


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