Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I can finally tell you...!

Back in December, I was approached by the president of the Granby Artist Association to replace him in the upcoming year. I didn't want to say anything before last night, just in case it didn't happen.

When I graduated college, I was living a pretty good lifestyle as an artist. After eight years of working full time at different studios (including my own), I went through a seven year period after that where I pursued the arts only as a part timer if at all. That was a rough period of my life. When I decided to jump back to where my passions lived, I knew that doing pro-bono work and joining groups (the Granby Artists Association and the Comic Book Artists Guild) were going to help me achieve my goals in the creative field. If you saw how much growth I've had since joining the Granby Artists Association, (and you might have if you've followed this blog from it's inception) you'd understand why I would happily accept the role of president for the group to do what I can to pay back the organization.

My return to the Comic Book Artists Guild is also a very special honor for me. When I left the group, I was not happy about it, and I told Keith Murphey (founder and at that time, the president) that I would return one day. Now, I am returning. I am returning to that leadership position with a very different scenario. Now that Steve Kanaras and I have been managing the Free Lunch Studios office, I believe I can provide the best functions that I am able for the New England membership in the coming year.

So that's it. I've been dying to tell you and now I can. ahhhhh