Thursday, March 24, 2011

This just in...

Free Lunch Comics will be participating in the Annual Free Comic Book Day at Sarge's Comics down in New London, CT! Free Comic Day is the first Saturday of May and Sarge always delivers on a rich selection of books to try and talented artists for you to meet!

This Saturday I'll be hosting the Comic Book Shuffle Challenge at Free Lunch Studios.
Sunday I will be at the Shuffle judging at the Plainville Cliffs Con. We'll be debuting the 2nd issue of the 'Shuffle titled, SECRETS. Once the Shuffle is over, I'll be hosting a Comicbook Artists Guild meeting at 2pm right there at the show!

I'll see you there!

Today I'm going to try to finish a couple pages for a future project.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A lot goin' on!

Well, the Granby Leprechaun Hunt here in town had come and gone and I felt pretty good about it. All the Leprechauns that were painted were auctioned off! If you want to see all of the photos from it, go to my facebook page.

The following day, I received the absolute honor of meeting one of my idols, Mr Bob Camp. If you know me well, I am a fan of specific things...Conan the Barbarian stuff, Ren and Stimpy cartoons, Start Wars, Jaws and a handful of other things. Well, Mr Camp worked on the CONAN comics from Marvel AND the original REN & STIMPY cartoons. He was gracious enough to invite Steve and myself to his Artist Party. What a cool event this was! Bob was welcoming and super approachable, and on top of that - there were tons of other artists there too! It was a great day! A great day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Shuffle returns to Cliff's Cons! 3/27

There will be a Plainville show this weekend as well as the Comic Book Shuffle voting AND our CAG meeting! The show opens at 10am, Shuffle voting ends at 1:45pm and the CAG meeting is at 2pm. Come to the show for some cheap books, support your indy artists and enjoy a Comicbook Artists Guild meeting!

Directions to the V.F.W. Hall: 84 East or West, take exit 32 and turn onto Route 10 North from the off-ramp. Follow Route 10 North for 4.5 miles, and turn right onto Northwest Drive. The V.F.W. Hall is on the left- follow the signs.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Leprechaun Hunt Gallery FRIDAY!

Come to Free Lunch Studios Friday night, March 11th at 6:30 pm for a special gallery event! For one night only, all of the hand painted Leprechauns for the town wide Leprechaun Hunt will be in one place! Come and enjoy the talent of featured local artists including members from The Granby Artists Association, The Granby High School Art Club, Free Lunch Studios and more!

PLUS: Rob the Leprechaun from Lazer 99.3!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hard work

Working on a very exciting project these days...and hope to complete it soon (within a week?). I'll give you a peek.

Aside from this...I was given some sad news. I'm not going to go into too much detail...but...a good friend of mine, who I'd known, and who knew me since birth, has passed away... This was hard news for me to take. BUT- I quickly remembered that this man had left behind a legacy of positivity, kindness and goodness not only by his own acts...but those same traits are evident in those he worked with, mentored and loved. He will be missed, but his methods will live on through those he impacted including myself.