Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've been bad...

Sorry I have not updated in a while, still trying to dig myself out of a hole leftover from going on vacation. (it was worth it though!) I've been finishing up Junkfoods and I just started a New Comic Job! Up til now I've been doing the prework for it, but a lucky turn of events (Wally coming to the office to approve the layouts) I was able to start the pages today!

Our friend Mel from Rely Local has come in and is cracking the "social network" whip. We've been doing all sorts of stuff to create better connectivity with...everyone including ourselves. If you want to help out, here's the link for my "Matt's Mine Studio" Facebook page....if you "like" it, that'd be great!!/profile.php?id=170338829701528&view=feed&refid=17

I was invited to the Greater Hartford Arts Council volunteer recognition gathering this past week too. It was at the uber fancy, Society Room in Hartford CT. I was accompanied by two fellow Granby Artists AKA "The Party Girls". One was Wendy Van Welie, owner of Indigo Images and one was potter extraordinaire, Claudia Karimi.

Aside from that, there was our unofficial 24 Hour comic challenge that I was able to complete (but this one seemed much harder) and that silly movie that was just released that I had to see a few times!

So...I'm sure there's a Junkfood post I can put up tomorrow and I can guarantee there's going to be some "connectivity" updates too. I'll see you soon!

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