Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New time and place to adventure in Affenaanti

Starting in October, our D&D sessions will happen at the new Zombie Hideout location, the Five Town Plaza, 300 Cooley St, Springfield Ma. 

After polling most of the participants, the second and fourth Saturday afternoons of the month will be our regular meeting time! 3 - 6pm

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

One group of heroes gathered within the port city of Lothlann at the Dragon and Hare Inn. Summoned by the distinguished Sir Travis Atwood an explorer for the Seekers Guild. The heroes were hired to accompany an expedition to a recently discovered island off the coast of Chem. After a violent storm damaged the ship the heroes rescued a group of crazy and diseased survivors of a failed undisclosed first expedition to the island. Arriving at the island the heroes found evidence pointing to a mysterious illness consuming the first expedition in a bout of madness. While the ship's crew repaired the ship and gathered the supplies of the previous expedition, the heroes were given three days to explore an ominous temple sitting upon the center of the island. Within the temple protected by immortal guardians and ancient puzzles the heroes discover a shard of absolute darkness. Adding to the mystery a group of black marble busts are discovered, with these mysterious individuals tied to the creation of the temple. In addition, the infected survivors of the first expedition attempt to prevent their escape, but the heroes are able to escape the island.